What Exactly is Dawn of Victory?

Dawn of Victory is an expansive science fiction setting developed by a group of enthusiasts for use in games, works of fiction and other projects. It combines elements of history with flights of fantasy, and represents the collaborative work of many people over many years. With a strict set of basic guidelines, the universe of Dawn of Victory plays host to a myriad of potential adventures and stories, and is in constant development as the creators continue to tinker and improve their work. Through official projects and the works of fans, Dawn of Victory has developed a following of thousands of people across the world. 

Weren’t you guys working on a mod for Sins of a Solar Empire?

The most popular and ambitious project set in the Dawn of Victory universe was a modification for the RTS game “Sins of a Solar Empire”, unfortunately, the project faced increasing difficulties as it continued development.  Engine limitations and time allowances meant that the mod could not achieve the desired progress or realize the depth of setting as well as it could have. The project was reluctantly cancelled in 2013 in order to allow the creators to move on to other, more feasible ideas.

So what are you working on now?

In addition to developing the setting through articles, artwork and other forms of media, we’re currently in the midst of developing an as of yet unannounced project. We are very excited by the latter, but we have no information that we would like to share at this time.